Madoka Moriguchi “Gallery / Aftermath”

9 artists are exhibiting works as part of a group show organized by a New York based curator.

The exhibition entitled, ‘Aftermath’; a word which implicates the consequence or repercussions of a certain event, is intriguing in its portrayal of contemporary art in its present, even abandoning originality in its path as it strives to achieve a step towards creation; or in a sense, rejuvenation after its departure from various ‘~isms’ and trends. A piece composed of an excerpt of a jellyfish at an aquarium accompanied by narration which bases itself upon the discussion of living organisms, a block of concrete which seems to present itself as if it had been part of an architectural structure, makes one think how the works would be observed if they were to be placed outside the context of the gallery. More specifically, a homage towards a famous photograph which captures the exact moment at which a drop of milk forms a crown-like shape, and works which seem reminiscent of Russian Constructivism, plainly, yet calmly transmit the fact that one is no longer able to gaze upon the naïve, or to return to the ‘blank page’ to fathom the origins of creation.

On the other hand from the exhibited works, one is able to interpret the potentials of creation which breaks through towards the next generation, via the intelligence of the artists, and the refined exercise of the technique to contemplate about art. They (the artists) in simply capturing art at its current state are able to attain the very basis of the art upon which they stand.

Madoka Moriguchi “Gallery / Aftermath”,
the Kyoto Simbun, the morning edition, The Kyoto Shimbun Co., Ltd., February 5, 2011, Fine arts, p.10